Looking for an affordable IT service for your business?
Do you have a broken computer after the warranty and do not want to send it to an expensive authorized service center?
Want to build a website but don’t know how?
Do you have a smart device and do not know how to get the most out of it?
So you’re in the right place.

Servicing of computer equipment
I provide post-warranty service of laptops and desktops of all manufacturers, which does not ruin your wallet.
From dust cleaning, component upgrades, to software installation and optimization.
I sell custom-built desktop computers that are tuned individually according to customer requirements.

EET cash register
Since 2017 I am a service partner of Markeeta, a manufacturer of cash register systems for EET.
Especially cheap versions without monthly flat rates, which will be used by entrepreneurs for secondary activities. I will also prepare more complex solutions for restaurants and large stores that need to keep track of the warehouse. Every entrepreneur who is subject to the obligation to record payments in EET will find the most optimal solution for his activity.

Web development
I create modern websites based on content management system WordPress, which is suitable for blog, web presentation company or small e-shop.
As part of the creation of sites is always a contract for work, so I transfer to you all copyright to the site.
The cheapest version of the website contains only a functional structure of the content management system, where you supply your own content.
I also create complete websites including graphic works and copywriting.

IT blog
In the „IT blog“ section you will find information about new technologies that I have tried for myself. These are longer-term product and service tests that make your life easier.
I will also show you how to make the most of your smart device with this blog. You can also follow IT news on my facebook.

I offer several quality products, especially custom built PCs, EET cash registers, gadgets and accessories. Gradually there will be more products that I have tried and that I write on the blog.